Sunday, November 18, 2012

Super Summer Weeks


ATE is a not-for-profit Educational Trust, with a Governing Council of leaders in the world of education who believe in the value of summer camps. The Council makes sure that keeping children safe, both physically and emotionally, is ATE’s top priority.

The origins of ATE
The Active Training and Education Trust was founded in 1996, as a successor body to the Council for Colony Holidays for Schoolchildren, which provided residential holidays for many thousands of children between 1965 and 1983. ATE was formed by a group of people who had worked with Colony Holidays and who believed strongly in the potential benefits to children and young people of an imaginative, creative and well-run system of residential holidays where people from all schools and backgrounds could meet. ATE was established as an Educational Trust, and it is supported by a Governing Council of representatives from most major educational Associations. Other things we do! For more information about Monitor training, to find our about our bespoke residential weeks and weekends for schools or INSET training on creativity in the classroom, please contact ATE.

Why send a child to summer camp?
Summer camps give children a wonderful break from the stresses of home, school, and commercialism. They get to live some “real childhood”, playing games in the fields and woods, and making new friends while doing so - an opportunity hard to find in the world of 2012. They really relax in a fantastic setting, and have a great holiday week with others their own age from all over Britain, and with young and enthusiastic supervisors. To spend a week away from TVs and computers, playing, laughing and doing lots of varied activities together, is not only enormous fun, it also helps children develop new interests and enthusiasms, also social skills, independence and selfconfidence. Many people who have attended summer camps run by ATE tell us what an important part of their childhood the holidays were, and how much they have helped them grow up and develop confidence.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gandia Rock Climbing


Penya Roja Climbing Lodge is a beautiful and spacious country home, located just minutes from two of the Costa Blanca’s best climbing rocks, Gandia Crag and El Bovedon or an easy drive to any of the Rock climbing sites on the Costa Blanca.

Your hosts , Nigel and Mark, run the Penya Roja Climbing Lodge with all of its facilities and comforts like a small country hotel and combine this with a welcoming feeling of informality and relaxation. Our aim at the Penya Roja Climbing Lodge is to provide an exceptional standard of individual service to our guests, making them feel that they are in a friendly and informal atmosphere where they can relax and unwind without the usual constraints of a conventional hotel.


Our B&B accommodation consists of 5 spacious bedrooms (three twins and two doubles) all have air-conditioning and heating, are well furnished and benefit from housekeeping services on a daily basis. Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities are provided in each room and all have modern en-suite bathrooms with power showers.


Additionally there is a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom self contained, self catering apartment for rent.

The lodge also has ample car parking facilities – we would suggest that guests hire a car in order to derive the greatest benefit from the surrounding towns and countryside.
The public rooms of the Penya Roja Climbing Lodge include a bar and lounge for the use of all our guests, where – depending on the season – you can either have a refreshing drink after a hard day’s rock climbing around the pool, or enjoy your favourite after-dinner liqueur in front of a log fire on the cooler winter evenings.
Breakfast and dinner are both served on the glass-enclosed terrace which has panoramic views of the nearby orange groves and mountains.

For those who wish to venture further afield, the Penya Roja Climbing Lodge provides an ideal base for daily excursions to Valencia, Benidorm or Alicante


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make a living on-line and turbo charge any existing business


Avoid the crisis, make money on-line and out-flank your business competitors

A new book, The Laptop Entrepreneur, shows you how to make a living on-line and turbo charge any existing business.  It provides a clear, accessible ‘road map’ to Internet success, illustrated in logical and easily comprehensible steps - specifically designed for the ‘person in the street’.

“A must-read…’ James Parkes

“…superb, practical guide…”  Steve Hall

“A really excellent piece of work.” Mike Cliffe Jones

Invaluable”  Expatica

“…practical and down-to-earth…”Norman Viss

Nick Snelling and Graham Hunt, assisted by 6 successful on-line business experts, have produced a book that will show you how to conduct accurate on-line market research, buy the best possible domain name, find the right search terms and keywords for your web site, create a successful Blog and undertake affiliate marketing.  They also show you how to make social media work for you and teach you how to copy write Internet articles for maximum effect.

“You can earn money on-line.  You can create your own business and you can earn a living using the Internet.  Equally, you can often outflank other much bigger businesses – if you know how to use the Internet properly” says Nick Snelling.   “Best of all you do not need to be a computer geek to learn how to make a living on-line.”

Graham Hunt agrees: “it is amazing how people do not take advantage of using the Internet properly.  The return on investment can be astonishing and making money on-line is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

However, both writers acknowledge that, for the layman, the concept of how to use the Internet to earn a living on-line can be difficult to understand, given that there is so much information about how to do this that most people are overwhelmed before they start.

“What we have done, in The Laptop Entrepreneur,” says Nick, “is to peel away the ‘mystery’ that surrounds making money on-line and to distil what you need to do into simple, clear steps that anyone can understand.”

The Laptop Entrepreneur is available now and is the answer to anyone seeking independence and a way to make money on-line for themselves or wishing to start or even maximise their existing business.   It is, as Nick states, “an anti-crisis” book and one that provides an alternative to the job uncertainty and economic hard times that are affecting everyone.

“The thing is that if you know how to use the Internet there are so many possible ways to make money online,” enthuses Nick, “ whether you earn money blogging or setting up an affiliate marketing business.  Or you can offer copy writing services to other businesses or you can set up niche web sites to drive buyers to your business or you can do market research for companies or look after their social media.  To name just a few activities – all of which are there for the ‘taking’ and some of which will suit your existing skill set, once modified to the demands of the Internet.”

It is hard not to be excited by the passion that Nick and Graham have for The Laptop Entrepreneur and their almost Messianic commitment to showing people how they can be independent, earn money on-line, create a new business or maximise an existing one.  They open up a whole new world of opportunity where there are minimum overheads, low risks and huge potential. 

Surely, few people can afford not to take advantage of The Laptop Entrepreneur the enthusiasm of the authors and the invaluable, practical knowledge they impart?

         Es posible que tu navegador no permita visualizar esta imagen. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

         Publication date DECEMBER 10TH 2011

         Price £14.99/€17.50

         Summertime Publishing

         ISBN 978-1-904881-58-2

         240 pp, paperback 


For interviews with the author and to arrange review copies and excerpts of the book,
please contact the publisher at
or author, Nick Snelling, at

Laptop Entrepreneur is available via all online bookstores and for Kindle

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Future, Ubuntu 11.10


Super-fast, easy to use and free, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktops, netbooks and servers around the world. Ubuntu does everything you need it to. It'll work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players. And it comes with thousands of free apps.

Perfect for business use, Ubuntu is safe, intuitive and stable. Easy to integrate, you'll be able to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and share them with Windows users stress-free.

Reliable, fast and powerful, Ubuntu Server fits into your existing infrastructure seamlessly. That's why so many businesses and schools are using Ubuntu Server every single day.

Ubuntu cloud computing puts you in control of your IT infrastructure. It helps you optimise resources and reduce costs while you access computing power as and when you need it.

More bang for your buck
No hidden costs, no lock-in

Ubuntu is used as a desktop operating system by thousands of businesses on millions of desktops around the world.

Looking to escape the cycle of endless Windows upgrades? Now, there's a real alternative. No licence fees. No subscription costs. With Ubuntu, you can scale your desktop infrastructure without scaling the expense.

And Ubuntu is naturally free of viruses, so there's no need for expensive anti-virus software, and you can save on all the costs of maintenance associated with malware on Windows.

Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free. Created by the best open-source experts from all over the world, Ubuntu is available in 24 languages and ready for download today.

Ubuntu Review

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seamus Heaney Poetry

Over half a century Seamus Heaney has developed into perhaps the finest poet writing in the English language. David Fawbert enjoyed the challenge of connecting with the poet’s messages, both manifest and veiled, so much that, as a former Modern Language teacher in Secondary Education, he felt that students of Heaney around the globe might appreciate a set approach towards individual poems that would help them unravel both content and style. What follow are the texts themselves grouped according to the collections in which they were published. Textual survey is accompanied by pointers to style and composition. The whole is written so as to be accessible to students whose first language may not be English.





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Monday, October 24, 2011

Activity Holidays in Spain


Many people are seeking alternatives to the seaside resort holiday that is centred around lots of sunshine and doing as little as possible except maybe reading a book on the beach or around a swimming pool.  Pleasant as that prospect may be, spending two weeks with nothing else on the agenda can become a little monotonous.  More and more holidaymakers are looking to combine some of the lazy sunshine holiday concept with a certain amount of activity, and it is here that the area around Gandía and the whole area along the Costa Blanca can really come into its own. 


The beautiful mountain scenery that lies almost immediately behind the coastal resorts along the Costa Blanca provide for a whole host of activities that are only now being fully recognised by local towns and businesses as equally valid and attractive reasons to come to this part of Spain.  An obvious recreation in the La Safor mountains near Gandía is that of hiking and walking, and there is a wide choice of routes that have been mapped out for the enthusiast, ranging from easy, gentle walks to more strenuous hikes and climbs.  Local authorities have started producing maps showing the recommended routes to follow, and these are also signposted along the way to make things even easier and more “user friendly” and less daunting for the first-time hill walker.  There is also a hiking information centre in the hills behind Gandía where many of the local routes are centred upon, set in an area designated of special interest and natural beauty.  As an extra point of interest, some of the routes also make use of disused railway lines in the area and the hiker will find themselves taking unspoilt and scenic routes between towns and villages, often even walking through former railway tunnels along the way. 

If walking and hiking does not appeal, an alternative is cycling and mountain biking.  This is a recreation that is hugely popular amongst local people, and it is not hard to see why.  Bikes can be hired locally, either as an independent daily or weekly rental, or in the company of a guide who can take the enthusiast along routes in the hills and mountains if a road trip is not what you have in mind.  Stunning mountain views are the reward for a steep climb through many of the villages and towns in the area, and then of course there is always the extra reward of the exhilarating downhill trip at the other side!  It is very easy to combine a route that takes in a mountain section, followed by a return along the coast and maybe a swim in the sea all in the same trip – the best of everything! 


Nature lovers can also indulge themselves along the Costa Blanca by visiting the areas frequented by the many species of birds in the area – both local and (depending on the time of year) migratory.  There is a large designated nature reserve of wetlands to the south of Valencia City that will be of particular interest to the bird watcher, and this is home to a great number of species as well as a stopping point for birds that are passing through on their seasonal migrations.  In addition to this specific area, the entire stretch of coast provides excellent opportunities for spotting a wide range of birds, including many birds of prey in the mountains.  Guided bird watching tours can be arranged by local experts who can take the visitor to the best starting-off points, depending on the particular types of bird that are of particular interest.  This can in fact be an excellent way of combining the different activities that the area lends itself to so well – walking through beautiful scenery whilst at the same time spotting varieties of birds and wildlife the visitor is unlikely to encounter at home. 


And all this, of course, is available along the Costa Blanca in a climate so very much milder and warmer than what the visitor would probably be used to at home.  Indeed, the long mild season that this part of Spain generally experiences makes it perfectly possible – and maybe even preferable – to take a break at a time when the mainstream holiday crowds have either not yet arrived or already returned home.  The visitor can then benefit from lower airfares (rather than having to pay the premium normally levied during school holidays), cheaper accommodation costs, and of course a less crowded environment than during the traditional peak season.  

Alternatively, if some members of a group want the more traditional high-season holiday activities of sun and sea, this can be combined with the interests of the walker and nature lover all in the same trip.  The Costa Blanca and the La Safor region in particular really does have a lot more to offer than first meets the eye.